Cao Thuc

1995 , Vietnam

“Creative inspiration comes to me from different sources: stories and narratives, life around and emotion-evoking subject matter. This is my collision with life, images and stories where everything would eventually vanish like a storm and the only thing left is a distillation of oneself. I see art making as a long, enduring journey. It is a journey of experiences and self-discovery through different states of body, mind and soul when facing something I want to express through an artistic outlet.”

Artist Statement

Huu Nghi: Singapore & Vietnam 50-10 Exhibition

"The presence of the Long Bien Bridge always vividly comes to life in my mind. The bridge is not merely a geographical link, as it also connects historical to values, time, and space. It holds numerous spiritual values of those individuals who remain closely tied to it. The bridge serves as a nexus between space and humanity, both culminating in a vibrant and lively entirety, consistently pulsating with a rhythmic and poetic essence. Like a silent, enduring entity, it quietly observes the occurrences transpiring beside it."

The flow of time
Oil on canvas
120 x 320 cm